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Unusual Reasons Why A Towing Company Will Tow Your car!

Do you consider yourself an experienced driver who is aware of all the towing regulations in Calgary? Do you know that towing companies need to notify you where your vehicle will get towed?

Surprisingly, many car owners and drivers are not aware of specific towing rules and regulations. They don’t know about such situations in which their car could get towed. Are you one of them? Then go through this blog till the end!

This post has discussed some of the prime reasons why your vehicle might get towed by a towing company in Calgary. So, keep on reading!

Uncommon Reasons Why Your Car Gets Towed By A Towing Company!


Yes! If your car has been pulled over by law enforcement and explores that your license gets expired or suspended, they’ll not think twice. Tow your car away until you pay the fines associated with it.


Suppose you park your vehicle near the entrance of a construction site. The owner and the workers won’t be too happy finding a car in front of their entrance gate. They may call a towing company and ask to tow your car.

It is not only applicable to construction areas. Blockage at the entrance of any property is not welcome. You can not park your cars in front of a building and create a nuisance for people who go inside those homes or office buildings.

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The fire hydrants get made to provide water to firefighters. And when do we call firefighters? During an emergency, right?

They’re also used by them when they take special training or test their skills.

So, if you park your four-wheeler or two-wheeler in front of a fire hydrant, it could prevent firefighters from using it. And it can lead to injury or death and damage to property during an emergency.

So, do not block fire hydrants. It is illegal in most areas and could cause fines if you get caught red-handed by police officers or city officials.


Yes! Your car may get towed if you park your automobile in an area designated for handicapped persons. As per the law, these spaces should get kept clear for those who need them the most.


Parking meters help know the number of times vehicles can stay parked in the parking zone. If the meter expires and the car owner has not come to pay it by the time the tow truck arrives, your car will get towed by them.

Hence, be sure to check surrounding signs!


You must understand construction areas not only need to be kept clear to maintain smooth traffic. But also it is necessary for construction workers and their heavy equipment. It could cause serious harm to people or property if your car gets parked there.


If you are an experienced driver, you may be familiar with the term DUI. Driving under the influence is dangerous and illegal. If you are spotted driving drunk and refuse a breathalyzer test, your vehicle will get towed.


Yes! It is the most common reason your car gets towed frequently. So, never park in a no-parking zone, such as on a footpath. Let pedestrians move through or around the area. Otherwise, your vehicle will get towed away.

Wrapping Up!

So, these are the top reasons a towing company in Calgary towed your car. Besides, if you need to hire towing professionals because of an emergency, you can contact us anytime. All you need to do is fill in the form with the details and submit it. Our towers get back to you as soon as possible.

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