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How Can Emergency Towing Services Help You? Check It Out!

Have you bought a new car? Then this blog will be ideal for you. A driver faces numerous problems while driving on the road. And, so they like to be fully efficient while going out. But, they cannot fix all the problems. Here you need our professional level emergency towing services. So, if you feel lost and anxious in the middle of the road due to a car breakdown, look no further and contact us.

emergency towing services

What to Expect from Professional Emergency Towing Services?

If you are keen to know about the advantages you will get after hiring emergency services read the following points.

24/7 Towing Service

Accidents do not come knocking at your doors. Well! If you get in a road accident, give us a call. If your car collapses in the middle of the road, our towing experts can help you rescue it safely. We will tow your vehicle to a safe place.

Tire Change Service

What will you do if you need to change your car in the middle of the road? In this drastic situation, you only have one way, and that is to hire our experts via phone. We also provide tire change service for a long time with the towing facilities.

Vehicle Breakdown 

You will get well-trained drivers and technicians while calling us for emergency towing services. We have already tackled thousands of cases efficiently. So, you can rely on us when it is about a car breakdown.

Flatbed Towing

Yes! We have the best quality flatbeds, and we use them for heavy cars and complicated situations. So, if you are getting scared thinking that we cannot deal with the situation, you are wrong. We have industry-leading experts keen to serve you in the best way possible.

Car Battery Boost and Jump Start Service

Don’t worry! We are here to help you out while you are standing alone in the middle of the road due to your faulty vehicle. Our emergency towing technicians will reach you soon to meet your needs regarding car battery boost or jump start. We value your time and seriousness of the situation.

In a Nutshell

When looking for the best company in Calgary for emergency towing services, you must give us a call. We have the best towing experts ideal for offering a range of towing services within a few minutes after your call. So, save our number on your phone and call us when in need. For further details, consider reading a few more blogs.

Ask the Questions before Choosing Calgary Tow Truck Service

It is daunting to face a road accident or any similar situation in the middle of the road. Not to mention, no one wants to be stuck on the roadside with a broken car. But unfortunately, vehicles are bound to have mechanical problems and even meet accidents. It is the correct time when you must hire the best tow truck service in Calgary. But we recommend not relying on anyone randomly. In this case, asking the following questions will help you out.

Calgary tow truck service

The Common Questions to Ask while Choosing Tow truck Service in Calgary

Read the following part of this blog to know what you have to ask.

What type of truck do you have?

Different vehicle and accident situations need specific towing solutions. Thus, you may need particular tow trucks that work best in varying your condition. So, you must choose a company offering a wide range of tow trucks to tackle your issues. We offer the most significant flatbed towing to tow any vehicle safely.

Will you take the car to the destination?

In many cases, people think the tow company will take them to the nearest repair shop. But we assure you that we can tow your vehicle anywhere you want. So, you can take the car where you want according to the situation.

What is the pricing method?

Pricing options play an essential role in this case because maybe you are stuck in a situation where you cannot get any help nearby. Thus, we offer an easy method possible for our clients. So they do not have to look for an ATM. So, ask about this before hiring a tow truck service in Calgary.

When are you available?

Calling a professional not available in that situation does not make any sense. So, check the availability before anything. We understand the depth of the complication, and thus we offer 24/7 services. So, you will never return with an upset face.

“Will you inspect my car?”

Yes, of course, we offer a thorough service. It is a part of our job to inspect your car on the spot. So, we can guide you on the right path to make your further step easier.

In a Nutshell

So, hopefully, you have understood what you need to ask before hiring a tow truck service in Calgary. We are a trusted towing company and assure you the best quality service with our certified professionals. If you want to know more, read a few more blogs.

Explore the Different Types of Tow Trucks Used for Towing Services!

Probably we all have experienced car breakdowns at least once in our lives. And the ugliest part of this is that we face this problem when we least expect it. This problem will never come knocking at your door. It can happen anywhere, whether it is a parking lot, your garage, or the highway. And this is the time when you have no choice but to take a reliable towing services. We use high-quality tow trucks to tow your four-wheelers and take them to their destination.

Well! This blog will help you know about the different types of tow trucks used in towing services. So, you can be more knowledgeable on this topic. Here you go!

Types of Tow Trucks You May Prefer for Towing Services

There are four primary types of tow trucks. So, go through the rest of the blog to know them individually. Keep scrolling down!

1. Flatbed tow truck

It is one of the best and most widely used forms of tow trucks. It includes a long empty bed-like passage with a flat top and hydraulics systems to move the flatbed higher and downwards. You may drive your car or have your vehicle pushed up to the flat space.

2. Integrated tow trucks

Integrated tow trucks are ideal for heavy-duty hauling. Generally, the trucks get used to transport bigger rigs or buses since they feature additional axles for enhanced stability and strength. So, when you need something specialized for bigger vehicles, rely on this truck.

3. Wheel-Lift Tow Trucks

The mechanism of this tow truck is quite similar to hook and chain tow trucks. The only difference is that they use a metal yoke instead of chains. These tow trucks cause significantly less pressure to the pulled vehicle.

4. Hook and chain tow

A Hook and Chain tow truck is adaptable and can tow a range of difficult-to-handle freight. However, this tow truck has been outdated in recent days. Your vehicle has to bear a tremendous amount of pressure during this process. So, we avoid using it.

In a Nutshell

While looking for the top-quality tow trucks and towing services, look no further and give us a call. Our 24-hour towing in Calgary will help you get the best towing services whenever you want. Our towing drivers are highly efficient and trained to deal with any complication regarding towing, no matter how complicated it is. So, contact us or read a few more blogs from our site.

Do’s and Don’ts while Waiting for Towing Services in Calgary

If you regularly commute to Calgary, there is a good chance you will require professional towing services in Calgary. Vehicle trouble never comes knocking at your door. Thus, you have to be careful while driving your car. If you face any problem in the middle of the road because of your vehicle, contact us. We are one call away from you. Till the time, you have to follow some do’s and don’ts.

towing services Calgary

Know What You Need to Do in this Phase

Check what you should do when you are waiting for our services.

1. Pullover and Get Out Of Traffic

When you are stuck and cannot drive anymore, make sure to move your car to the roadside to avoid blocking traffic. Only activating all emergency lights may not always work. Some high-speed drivers might not pay attention and could cause further damage or injury to your car. So, be careful.

2. Signal Other Vehicle Drivers

No matter, if it is a day or night, ensure to turn on your car’s hazard lights. It may sound illogical initially. But it is necessary when you are in such a situation. These lights will signify to other drivers that you cannot move your cars and are stuck in that place. It will prevent potential accidents, especially at night. So, keep this in mind unless you get towing services in Calgary.

3. Learn What You Should Not Do During this Time

Keep scrolling down!

1. Don’t Leave Your Belongings Behind

Do not leave your belongings unattended in the vehicle. It increases the chance of robbery. So, if you do not want to stay inside your car, grab all your items (like phone, purse, credit card, documents, etc.) and keep them with you.

2. Don’t Exit Your Vehicle Until Far From Traffic

The experts suggest not leaving your car until you have safely moved it out of traffic. Near traffic, leaving your vehicle may invite several dangers and risks. So, if you want to avoid them, you have to ensure you have moved your car far from the signal. And then you can get out of it for a while. But do not go far leaving your vehicle alone.

In a Nutshell

So, while seeking professional help to fix the vehicle problems in the middle of the road, look no further and contact us. Our wide range of expert towing services in Calgary will ensure the safety and security of your vehicle and tow it to its destined place.

The Calgary Towing, the Most Reputed Towing Company in Calgary

If you have a car and you are going for an enjoyable journey then different kinds of mishaps can ruin your journey within a few minutes and it is very harsh truth. There is various kind of mishaps that can happen with your vehicles such as an accident with another vehicle, flat tire of your vehicle, car breakdown and other accidents. If you face such kind of problems then help from a reliable and reputed towing company like the calgary towing will be better for you.

Calgary Towing

Yes, you need help from a professional and experienced towing company like The Calgary Towing to repair your car on the spot. Moreover, if you need they can tow your car to their service center to maintain it. Now you are thinking about how will you choose the best towing company in Calgary. In this article, we have discussed some significant traits of a reliable towing service provider. Go through the adjoined passage of the article to learn those features in brief.

Some Features of a Reliable Towing Company

A Team of Expert Professionals

The most important point to be considered before hiring a towing company that the towing company must have a team of expert towing professionals. Providing towing services requires a lot of technical expertise that you may get only from experienced professionals. They can also provide you customized assistance according to the condition of your vehicle.

24/7 towing services

You need to find such a towing company that provides a 24/7 towing service ad you never know when and where you need towing service. A professional towing company will provide you with the clock service. They will provide you the proper assistance exactly at your required time.

Different Kinds of Tow Trucks

Hire such a towing company that has a different kind of tow truck as you might need a different tow truck according to your vehicle. A reputed towing company always has the proper infrastructure and various advanced tow trucks for tow any kind of vehicle.

Budget-Friendly Service

It is not very difficult to find a towing company but you always need to choose such a reliable towing company that tow your vehicle at a pocket-friendly rate. A professional towing company never burden you with any hidden charge that may bother you after availing of towing services from them. In addition, they must provide you the most effective towing service at the best price.

Licensed and Insured Towing Company

The most important thing you must consider before hiring a towing company that the company must have a valid license for providing towing service. If you do not consider this point you must face some problems in the future. Moreover, if you hired an insured company then if any kind of damage happens to your vehicle during the towing they will pay for your damage.

After going through the article you can now understand the effective features of a reputable towing company. You must remember that any kind of emergency that happens in the middle of the road can cause a life threat as well. So if you want to secure your life as well as your dear ones you must save the number of a professional towing company on your phone.

Contact The Calgary Towing for Attaining the Best Results

Now if you are from the city of Calgary and searching for the best towing company in Calgary then The Calgary Towing will be your best choice. We are providing towing services in Calgary for many years and we are known for affordable and reliable towing service. You can visit our website for the positive review of our clients. You can mail us at or ring us at  403-478-7900 for more details.

Get Affordable Roadside Assistance from The Calgary Towing

What to do when car breaks down ?

If your car breaks down in the middle of the road, and you find no one to rescue you, then you are in a big problem. Most of the people find their car giving them troubles in an inappropriate time. If you feel that your car is well maintained but that does not really matter, it can still give you trouble. Every driver is worried about the situation if their car breaks down on the side of the road and they stuck on the side of the road. But if you are from the city of Calgary and facing an emergency situation like dead batteries, flat tires, depleted gas tanks and etc, The Calgary Towing is there for you. Our expert roadside assistance professionals will provide you assistance according to your needs.

We know very well that car owners feel very insecure and annoying when their car breaks down on the side of the road. We always try to assist you fast so that you can not feel that you are unsafe. So when you make us call for help our roadside assistance professionals will respond to you as quickly as possible and provide you the required help. If you need any assistance with specific needs our specialists are 24/7 ready on the phone to help you.

Our professionals will reach you as quickly as possible and at first, they will inspect your vehicle and if possible they will solve the problem. If they are unable to solve the problem, we will tow your car safely to your desire place.

Roadside Assistance Professionals

If your car is parked at home or anywhere else, still we will organize roadside assistance for you. Most of the time we found that our experts are able to address the problem and solve it on the spot.

At times, some drivers lost their car keys and due to the security system, they are unable to get into their car, if the spare car is not available. In this, if you call us we will tow your car to the nearest dealer at an affordable price.

If you stuck on the side of the road due to flat tires nothing to worry about, we are there for you just make us a call we will repair your flat tires if you don’t have spare tires for replacement.

If your car stopped due to the dead or discharged battery, our professionals will help you to jump-start your car.

The most common problem of the car stuck on the side of the road is run out of fuel. But nothing to worry if you call us we will provide you the required fuel or gas.

For difficult circumstances when not just your car but also you wind up in trouble as a result of a midway accident, at this situation we will call you the nearby emergency facility for you so that your care needs are well handled.

Problems You May Face During Driving

* You unable to unlock the passenger’s door and there are some passengers in the car.

* In some situations, you will find that horn making a continuous sound, we can help you in this matter.

* Disordered door mirrors or rearview mirror are broken but the driver’s vision is not obstructed.

The Calgary Towing is the most experienced and professional’s roadside assistance provider in the city of Calgary. We have a valid license for providing roadside assistance and we are totally an insured company. So if you need affordable and reliable roadside assistance, you must contact The Calgary Towing. For more details, you can visit our website or mail us or call us at 403-478-7900

Why is a towing service necessary during emergencies?

When something goes amiss, you never know. Being well prepared is essential. A strategy for roadside assistance is required. One of the reasons for hiring a towing service is to get help when you really need it. With such facilities, even though your car is damaged due to electrical or mechanical failure, you have peace of mind. To ensure your vehicle is not stranded or could be impounded, you will still need these services. Here are some advantages from The Calgary Towing:

Response rate for speed

If your car breaks down, it can happen while you’re driving in a nice way. Funny enough, when you are late for work, your car seldom breaks down. Having a towing service by your side means that you get a quicker response during the emergency rather than calling a towing company. Usually, after making a call, you can get the service in about 30 minutes.

Your car treatment

With a towing service , you are assured that your towing business has your best interests at heart. You’re going to get the best support. Unfortunately, some towing companies are only interested in the bottom line and don’t worry about how your vehicle is handled. They are involved as much as possible in getting to your destination. Therefore, due to neglect and bad handling of your vehicle, you could end up using more cash for repairs.

Appropriate Licensing

In order to carry out these services on the road, tow trucks are required to have proper licences. Most towing firms, however, do not have such licences. If you employ a bad car towing company, your car will be further harmed. Therefore, only work with a corporation that is accredited and follows competent company requirements. You will get better quality service in exchange.

Most businesses do not provide premium towing services in this market. Furthermore, they do not have similar targets. Many businesses are looking at making money out of their poor luck. Go for a great company’s top programmes.

Towing services are not regarded as relevant by most car owners. It will be towed to the garage or home if the car breaks down. People have used other cars in the past to pull theirs. This technique is, however, disallowed on city roads. You do face problems when your car breaks down if you do not have a towing service. Select a successful business with a strong reputation. You should ask your friends at work about the service you’re using. Get a quote from two to three and go for the best.

The Calgary Towing  The leading provider of roadside assistance and emergency towing services in Calgary has it covered by our excellent facilities. Our qualified service providers and fitted towing vehicles are always at your service 24 * 7, no matter when or where.

·         Address: Calgary , Canada

·         Telephone: 403-478-7900

·         Email:

24 hours of towing service with the Calgary towing

With 24 hours of towing service package from The Calgary Towing, get the peace of mind that comes with knowing you and your family are safe on the road 24 hours a day, seven days a week. When you buy the Calgary Towing 24-hour towing service, you will enjoy low prices and timely service from a company that has been protecting drivers for years.

When it comes to towing services in most regions, we are a company with years of experience. No matter whether its night or day, our fleet of trucks is ready for your emergency needs – we’re always ready to help. Call us now and you’ll see why they say we are probably the best provider of towing services in the whole world.

We know how frustrating it can be when you run out of gas out of the blue and get stuck on the side of the lane. That’s why our team is open at all times. As well as your satisfaction, our primary concern is the efficiency of the services we offer. The Calgary Towing team often arrives in a timely manner and does its best to ensure that you reach your destination safely and on schedule.

You would want to use our services if you have broken down on the side of the road, need support urgently and cannot wait for a slow tow truck driver to arrive! We think for everyone genuinely! We are able to go above and beyond to ensure each and every time that you receive a satisfactory service.

24 hours of towing service plan package

The roadside assistance package for the Freeway provides the following benefits:

  • 24 Hour Service for Emergency Towing: Your car will be towed to the destination of your choosing with a 24-hour tow truck service.
  • 24 Hour Road Service: Border ambulance services throughout the Canada.
  • Emergency distribution for 24 hours: Emergency supplies including fuel, water, oil, etc. will be provided by a service truck. You are charged only for the cost of the materials.
  • 24 Hour Service for Emergency Batteries: Jump-starts of the battery and minor adaptations to alternators, starters, etc.
  • Reimbursement for Car Rental: The Calgary Towing will reimburse you for the expense of renting a car during the repair time if you are in an accident and your vehicle needs repair. * With all plans in all jurisdictions, this advantage is not available.
  • Supplementary benefits:
  • Key and Lockout Service Lost: You will be protected and entitled to the service stated in your contract if you are locked out of your car.
  • Rental Car Discounts: For vehicle rentals, you can receive discount cards that are honoured at thousands of locations in the United States and abroad.
  • Routing Operation Map: No extra cost to map and ride routes to the destination of you’re choosing.
  • Theft and defence for Hit and Run: A reward is given for information that leads to the arrest and prosecution of someone responsible for your vehicle’s hit and run damage or theft.

24-Hour Towing Service Pricing Service

Calgary Towing 24 hours towing service contracts are affordable, paying just a sum for a 6-month plan and double the amount of 6 months for a 12-month plan

Get towing service for 24 hours

Ensure that if your car breaks down by buying a Calgary Towing emergency road service contract, you and your family won’t be stranded. You can buy 24 hour towing service plans over the telephone, call now!

Call The Calgary Towing service Anytime, Anywhere 403-478-7900

The best towing company near you is The Calgary towing

We are the Motorcycle Towing’s Quick Guide

Here at The Calgary Towing, we confidently offer motorcycles as well as a wide variety of other specialised vehicles with our specialist full-service towing services from our towing company. The motorcycle towing experts here at our towing company i.e., The Calgary Towing will have a few specifics about the specific stuff motorcyclists should know about receiving high-quality towing service for motorcycles.

smiling professionals with the client

The Motorcycle Location Field

Make sure your motorcycle is in a conveniently towed location, if possible. If a motorcycle breaks down on the street, if possible, pull it to the side of the road – most probably, get yourself to a safe spot!! If your motorcycle is towed from your garage or shed to be worked on, try to shift your motorcycle so that there is room on either side so that our tow truck from our towing company can reach it easily-it is much safer on the road or pathway!!

Trustworthy Towing Service Significance of bikes from our towing company

Make sure you are thoroughly assured and knowledgeable in the safe and competent transport of bikes with the towing facility you find for towing your motorcycle. Our towing company i.e., The Calgary Towing is specializes in high-quality motorcycle towing service.

Even, our towing company is great at towing cars.

Car towing services come to the aid when your vehicle is left stranded by an unexpected unpredictable incident. It is possible to drive your immobile car to the appropriate destination or the closest service station with a reliable and on-time service provided by them. During times of tragic accidents or when your car comes to an abrupt end when you are en route to a destination, the assistance is most helpful. You should get in contact with the service of our towing company providers when faced with a sudden mechanical failure, an emergency situation or a casual and sudden breakdown that can help you drive your car to the our nearest towing company. The workmen take full care that the vehicle is handled with the utmost care to ensure the protection and protection of your vehicle. You can rely on our roadside support to arrive quickly at your time of need. Our towing company also provides towing services for trucks and other heavy equipment, in addition to offering towing services for cars.

Calgary’s Efficient Tow Company

The Calgary Towing provides specialist heavy duty towing trucks, roadside assistance, and jump start options for the entire City. For years now we have served Calgary and the surrounding areas and developed a reputation for reliable, skilled and inexpensive towing services. We are proud to have the best towing company in Calgary, so you can rest comfortably knowing you are in good hands! So whatever the criteria might be, send a call to The Calgary Towing. In times of emergencies, a reliable towing company is someone you can rely on. In situations that you need it the most, it should still be readily accessible. No matter how nice and professional it is, if it is not timely in handling car problems, it would not be very useful.

For any enquiry call 403-478-7900 or drop a mail at

The most effective and quick towing service in Calgary

The Calgary towing still assures that the best quality quick towing services are offered to our consumers at a lower possible cost. Our quick towing service trucks and our customer support line are accessible for reliable and committed service at any hours of the day, any day of the week. Our towing specialists are able to deal on any vehicle make or model, and also accommodate damaged, finished or specialist vehicles.

What are we offering in the quick towing service?

  • Well-trained professional with experience

Our experts can treat any vehicle scenario with perfection and reliability with comprehensive experience and expertise. Our heavy tow truck operator provides the quickest towing service and best help for you and your vehicle, from local to long-distance towing operation.

  • 24/7 availability

When your car fails in the middle of the night and you always have any errands to run, we understand how stressful it is. No reason to stress here. Our heavy tow truck operator is open 24 hours a day and promises a quick response to your quick towing service order. From position A to position B, we will take your car to the closest repair shop or support you.

The Calgary towing ensures timely operation and execution of the job, including 24/7 accessibility. We will get to you in a flash anytime and wherever you get lost along the route, and guarantee that you and your vehicle are well taken good care of.

  • Proper equipment

We also sell, in addition to our experience and skills, a fleet of flatbed tow trucks and wreckers that are ideal for transporting any automobile and trailer. We will get your car safe and sound to your desired spot, no matter the load and duration.

What to anticipate from us?

We can assist, if you need immediate roadside assistance or a wrecker service. We are dedicated to customer loyalty and are highly qualified to deliver quick and practical solutions in a consistent way and have extensive experience.

The Calgary towing service is only a phone call away if you are searching for the most secure quick towing service that Calgary has to provide. The Calgary region has been serviced by our authorized, bonded and insured quick towing service for a long time. We provide the latest of residential and business towing services, but our towing specialist can arrive on the scene and provide the best treatment possible regardless of the situation.

To satisfy all of your towing requirements, The Calgary Towing provides a wide variety of services. Our excellent service is a point of pride, and our devotion to providing each of our clients quality roadside assistance is our pledge. Any time we reply a phone call, our highly trained drivers and professional towing specialists promise an excellent experience.

Every time, our mission is not only to represent you with the best standard, but to become your favorite company for emergency services! If you have something stranded on the side of the lane, give us a call!

Contact us-