Why And When Flatbed Towing Services Can Be The Ideal Option For You?

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Why And When Flatbed Towing Services Can Be The Ideal Option For You?

When you are left on an empty road after meeting a severe accident, you would need to hire a tow service for help. But which type of tow truck should you choose?

Most vehicle owners don’t know that there are various tow trucks! Different options serve different purposes, such as towing a wrecked SUV to a junkyard or taking a vintage vehicle to your house. In most cases, flatbed towing services are the safest option.

Wondering why? Read this blog! It will answer why and when flatbed towing truck service can be ideal!

What Are Flatbed Towing Services?

A flatbed tow truck differs from the standard tow truck that you see often. It is a vehicle with a uniform flatbed area! This truck offers a massive area so your car (of any size) can sit completely. It comes with a hydraulics power system to pull vehicles, four-wheelers, boats, bikes, or any machinery.

Once the vehicle gets perfectly placed on a flatbed, the ramp returns to its regular position. And it can get fastened with a winch for damage-free transport.

Why and When One Should Opt For Flatbed Towing Services?

The prime reasons for using the flatbed towing services are:

To Ensure Safety of Your Motor Vehicle During the Tow

Most car owners are concerned about their vehicle’s safety during the tow. It is best to call a flatbed tow truck for towing to gain peace of mind. This way, your vehicle will be entirely off the ground throughout the move. And you can protect the vehicle’s parts (frame, tires, and bumpers) from any possible wear and tear.

 And avoid jolts and bumps that usually happen when using regular tow trucks. In one sentence, a flatbed tow truck allows you to transport your vehicle with no potential damage.

It Is More Efficient And Compatible

As per towing specialists, this towing method is fast, easy, and straightforward. If your car is in a position to drive, you can quickly take it onto the flatbed. Whether you want to carry your bike, truck or any expensive four-wheeler, you can prevent hassle or damage.

But don’t forget to choose a reliable company like us. We have a team of professionally trained and experienced drivers to perform such work. You can visit our Facebook and Instagram accounts to explore more about us.


To Carry Heavy-Duty Vehicles

You may ask for towing dollies. They are perfect for lighter vehicles. For heavy-duty automobiles, flatbed towing services are ideal. It helps erase all the risk factors, like possible wear and tear.

If an unprofessional dolly driver performs this task, it not only harms the dolly. But your car too! So think wisely before hiring a towing dolly.

When it is the Only Option For You

After an unfortunate accident or when your car has broken its axle-these are the times when flatbed towing is the last option. A flatbed tow truck help drops your vehicle at your selected junkyard or an auto shop.

When You Need To Tow Classic Cars and Vintage

Classic and vintage cars are priceless! These are masterpieces for all car collectors. They remain very concerned about their expensive vehicles during towing or hauling. Flatbed towing services can only provide them peace of mind as these four-wheelers need to get handled with special care and diligence. So the collectors prefer to hire a professional towing company and choose flatbed towing.

For Long-Distance Towing

Do you need to tow your vehicle for long distances? Calling flatbed tow trucks should be your first option. During this, your goal should be to preserve your vehicle as much as possible. And other general towing services can not give you the surety like the rollback towing services.

Flatbed Vs Wheel Lift Tow Truck: What Is The Difference?

The prime difference between this is the safety and security of a vehicle.

If you choose flatbed tow trucks, you can remain relaxed as it offers maximum protection over wheel lift tow trucks. You don’t need to worry about choosing this option! Adjusting the vehicle would not be your concern, as it lies on a flat surface. Therefore flatbed towing services are considered the best option for towing expensive sports, vintage, and luxury cars.

On the other hand, wheel lift trucks are best for towing small vehicles because of their small size. And for this, wheel lift trucks are advisable to choose for short-distance hauling. Yes, of course! The second option is a cheaper one than a flatbed towing.

Wrapping Up!

Want to hire towing services in Calgary? Only choose the professionally experienced drivers for the same. Our drivers are highly skilled and certified to perform such jobs. We treat your expensive cars or damaged vehicles as our own. Go through our website and other blog posts thoroughly to get more knowledge of towing services!