Privacy & Terms

Privacy policies followed by the company

The company is always concerned for the best interest of the clients. Therefore, the privacy policies are presented for securing the interests and valued as an important feature of the business. Hence, at The Calgary Towing, we suggest our clients to carefully go through the Privacy policies. It is suggested to read it down prior to disclosing their personal details on the website’s page.
The company intends on developing a customer-friendly contact with the clients. Therefore, the information asked to disclose on the webpage is with the sole motive of improvising the quality of services. Mentioned in the following paragraphs are the details required to be given by the clients for improvising the level of services.

Details asked by the clients

We do not promote cookies, hence, would require some personal details of the clients. The details shared help us in getting a better knowledge about the needs of our clients. The details asked by our clients include:

  • Client’s Name
  • Residential Address
  • Contact information
  • Email id

The details shared with the company helps in updating the current status to them. However, in no condition will the details be used for promotional purposes.

Precautionary measures followed by the company

The company values the privacy issues of their clients and hence takes precautionary measures for securing their personal details. The details disclosed are allowed to be accessed by some of the selected officials of the company. However, in some conditions, they might also be restricted for accessing the details.

Terms meant to be followed by clients

The Calgary Towing ascertains that with the application of the services the clients have gone through the Privacy policies of the company. But, it is humbly requested to read the company terms mentioned here prior to visiting the web pages. Clients are required to follow the terms with the intention of browsing the web pages.

  • The details rendered in the pages are meant for the services offered by the company. The company won’t be held liable for any sort of inaccuracy found in it.
  • The company does not give the assurance of rendering complete genuine details on the web pages. It might also contain some voluntary contents.
  • It is humbly requested to all our clients for having a comparison of information with other relevant sources of information. The company will not be held responsible for any fake content.
  • The company’s logo, images posted and content provided are completely protected and copyrighted. Copying the details of the website by any means will be considered illegal. If found guilty doing the same, he/she would be held responsible for legal jurisdictions.
  • The company never entertains any sort of attempt made with the intention of duplicating the contents of the website.

Further, it is informed to all the clients that only the company is solely authorized for bringing in any alteration in the company Terms from here on. The company has got the authorization of bringing in changes as and when needed. The change of events might even take place without giving any notice to the clients.