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Explore the Different Types of Tow Trucks Used for Towing Services!

Probably we all have experienced car breakdowns at least once in our lives. And the ugliest part of this is that we face this problem when we least expect it. This problem will never come knocking at your door. It can happen anywhere, whether it is a parking lot, your garage, or the highway. And this is the time when you have no choice but to take a reliable towing services. We use high-quality tow trucks to tow your four-wheelers and take them to their destination.

Well! This blog will help you know about the different types of tow trucks used in towing services. So, you can be more knowledgeable on this topic. Here you go!

Types of Tow Trucks You May Prefer for Towing Services

There are four primary types of tow trucks. So, go through the rest of the blog to know them individually. Keep scrolling down!

1. Flatbed tow truck

It is one of the best and most widely used forms of tow trucks. It includes a long empty bed-like passage with a flat top and hydraulics systems to move the flatbed higher and downwards. You may drive your car or have your vehicle pushed up to the flat space.

2. Integrated tow trucks

Integrated tow trucks are ideal for heavy-duty hauling. Generally, the trucks get used to transport bigger rigs or buses since they feature additional axles for enhanced stability and strength. So, when you need something specialized for bigger vehicles, rely on this truck.

3. Wheel-Lift Tow Trucks

The mechanism of this tow truck is quite similar to hook and chain tow trucks. The only difference is that they use a metal yoke instead of chains. These tow trucks cause significantly less pressure to the pulled vehicle.

4. Hook and chain tow

A Hook and Chain tow truck is adaptable and can tow a range of difficult-to-handle freight. However, this tow truck has been outdated in recent days. Your vehicle has to bear a tremendous amount of pressure during this process. So, we avoid using it.

In a Nutshell

While looking for the top-quality tow trucks and towing services, look no further and give us a call. Our 24-hour towing in Calgary will help you get the best towing services whenever you want. Our towing drivers are highly efficient and trained to deal with any complication regarding towing, no matter how complicated it is. So, contact us or read a few more blogs from our site.