A Quick Guide to Differentiate Between Light, Medium & Heavy Towing

A Quick Guide to Differentiate Between Light, Medium & Heavy Towing

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As an experienced towing company, we tow multiple vehicles of various sizes and shapes daily. Believe us! Your towing experience can be stressful. So drive safely and follow all road rules and regulations to avoid any risks!

Most of the time, towing in Calgary is the only option to get your stuck vehicle back up and running. Our efficient towing experts and top-quality tow trucks ensure you get enough help during roadside problems and accidents.

Everyone loves having multiple options while selecting something. However, excessive choices can overwhelm you, and you can feel confused about choosing the best towing service. So, our blog will allow you to know the prime differences between light, medium, and heavy towing methods. So, stick to it till the end to wisely make your decision during an emergency.

Explore Different Tow Truck Classifications

Generally, the truck classification depends on its gross vehicle rating and type. The prime division of the tow trucks falls into three distinct categories. These are:

Class A. Light Duty Tow Truck

This tow truck gets used to tow lightweight vehicles like motorcycles, and its gross vehicle rating must be between 0-16000 pounds.

Class B. Medium Duty Tow Truck

You can use this medium-duty tow truck for medium weight like a small-sized four-wheeler. Its gross vehicle rating must be between 16,001-26000 pounds.

Class C. Heavy Duty Tow Truck

While seeking the sturdiest and most capable tow truck to tow some of the heaviest modelled vehicles, look no further and hire our heavy-duty towing in Calgary. Its gross vehicle rating must be between 26001-33000 pounds.

Light VS Medium VS Heavy Towing

Here, you will see the differences between these three types of tow trucks. However, if you need more detailed information, call us directly, or visit our Facebook page now!

Light Duty Towing Service

You will generally find regular and standard towing operations if you choose light-duty tow truck services. Some of the most common services related to these towing operations include accident recovery, removing abandoned vehicles, and others. So, it will be your best option when you need the lightest towing assistance.

In a nutshell, light duty towing is to fix minor towing issues. Dealing with a jammed engine or a stuck vehicle demands this light-duty towing in Calgary. In this case, the most common type of tow truck is flat-deck or flatbed tow.

So while feeling helpless in the middle of the road due to your broken car, never panic! And contact our professionals as soon as possible. They will reach the location in no time and help you out!

Medium Duty Towing Service

As the name suggests, this vehicle is between the light and heavy-duty tow. Generally, people get most confused when choosing the right tow truck for this type because it resides between two operations. Towing RVs, motorhomes, vans, and box trucks belong to this category.

The Canadian Motor Vehicle Towing in 2020 report will help you know the need for this service. And with the increasing demand, we constantly develop our towing service offering method to make the process easier. And 24/7 towing service in Calgary is one of the most admiring features of our company. So, when you need professional guidance in an emergency, search no more and hire our expert towing in Calgary.

Heavy-duty Towing Service

Generally, heavy-duty tow trucks mean giant-sized vehicles that need heavy-duty towing operations. It may include semi-trailers, dump trucks, garbage trucks, tractor-trailers, and other heavy-duty equipment, and taking them from one place to another involves several risks. But if you want safe transportation for these heavy vehicles, look no further and contact our professional towing services.

Remember, a minor mistake can cause havoc and make a big hole in your pocket, draining your hundreds of dollars. So, dealing with heavy-duty vehicles is the trickiest project a towing company can ever handle. As a professional towing business, we take several precautions to complete the job perfectly and precisely. For more details, look for our Instagram page now!

If you want a straight answer, there is no such ultimate option in the case of towing. Different situations demand specific kinds of towing services, and no option can replace the role of another. Hopefully, after reading this blog, you have enough knowledge on which tow truck to call. And it can save you a lot of money, time, and energy. So, add our number to your speed dial without wasting more time.

Wrapping Up!

We feel proud to be on the priority list of all drivers stuck in the middle of the road. Our range of services for professional towing in Calgary will ensure your safety and security and help you reach your destination or nearby repair station as soon as possible.

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