6 Types Of Towing Services Offered By A Great Tow Company

6 Types Of Towing Services Offered By A Great Tow Company

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Do you think there is only one method of towing? You may be surprised to know that different towing services are available for you depending upon your vehicle type and circumstances.

Here at The Calgary Towing, there isn’t any situation where we can not help out our clients with towing or recovering their vehicles.

In the following blog, we will mention six main types of towing services we offer. Get the detail, then contact us to enjoy premium services!

What Are The Different Towing Services Available?

Flatbed Towing Services

This towing option needs a flatbed tow truck to offer services. The flatbed on the truck helps to lift a car from the ground level. Here, a hydraulic winch system is applied to drag your automobile up onto the bed of the truck.

It’s one of the popular towing services, as it’s one of the safest methods to tow a vehicle. Once the car is on the bed of the truck, the flatbed gets levelled, and the vehicle gets securely placed for long-distance transportation.

Light and Medium Duty Towing Services

There are companies that classify breakdowns, flat batteries, running out of fuel, lockouts, or towing of small to medium-sized vehicles as light or medium duty towing services. Well! It is suitable for most small-sized cars, motorcycles, vans, and commercial vehicles.

If you ever experienced a breakdown on the side of the highway or got locked out on the road, call a tow truck company and choose this option to help you recover your car.

We have the most advanced towing vehicles to tow your car with great care and cause no damage.


Impound Lot Retrieval Towing

You need to choose this towing service when your car gets locked up in the impound lot. It is best to rely upon professionals to retrieve it back. With us, you can send the stress to the backseat. The Calgary Towing Company can help retrieve your four-wheeler to its actual place. Our well-trained professionals promise to offer the best service of impound lot retrieval in Calgary.

Emergency Towing Service

You never know when you will get stuck on the road. Here, emergency towing service is considered a boon!

Whether your vehicle gets stuck due to sudden breakdowns or you might come across some other vehicle troubles, rely on this towing service. Always consider professionals like us as we serve with complete dedication, even in times of emergency.

We have an excellent team of professionals to offer emergency towing services all over Calgary.

24 Hour Towing Service

It is almost similar to emergency towing services. If you need to call tow truck drivers at midnight or dawn, you must opt for the 24-hour towing service. We are ready to serve 24hrs a day throughout the week. So, get in touch with our professionals whenever you need a helping hand.

Motorcycle Towing

Riding a motorcycle on busy roads not only saves you time. But also make the journey get smoother. However, a sudden breakdown in the middle of the road can make you feel helpless. Here, you need a motorcycle towing!

We have well-trained and experienced professional technicians and equipment for safe towing!

Wrapping Up!

Need flat-bed towing services in Calgary? Only rely upon a professional company available 24 hours and seven days a week for your service. Our flatbed tow trucks get engineered to transport various types and sizes of vehicles, equipment, and machinery, followed by safety measurements. Our flatbed tow trucks are highly flexible and can easily load and unload heavy objects.

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